Tony Whitmore and his Malawi Mountain Madness


Mount Doom (Mount Mulanje)

Tony Whitmore (rampant Doctor Who fan, taker of fine photographs and all round good egg) needs your help.

Later this year he is walking up a tall hill (or “mountain”) in Africa. The tallest, in fact, in the southern bit of that continent!

He’s raising money for AMECA: a charity that aims to support sustainable medical care in African communities. So go on, visit his site, have a read and then hand over some cash – it’ll help some people who really need it and also make you feel nice!

Do this now.

All change


Smash it all down and start again

Well, here it is – my blog! Hurrah! My domain name was coming up for renewal and my old site was looking rather tired (or “great” if you lived in the land of square monitors and no mobile devices whatsoever). This prompted me to rethink what my website was for and where it ought to go next.

Many, many years ago it had been primarily used as a portfolio to showcase some websites and applications I was proud of (and led to some interesting contract work). I don’t really do that sort of thing any more so it’s time for a change!

I don’t really know what is going to appear on here – at the moment I have a few tech review posts knocking around in my brain that might be of interest to someone. Oh well, let’s see what happens! It’s fun! Really it is…..stop crying back there.